Merlin is a Microsoft Agent. Agents are programed using Java Script or Visual Basic6 scripting as an output for insertion into any html web page. Microsoft has many other agent characters that are available here. IF MERLIN'S LIPS ARE NOT MOVING AND HE IS NOT TALKING. YOU NEED: TEXT TO SPEECH ENGINE   HERE


Microsoft Agent Scripting Helper.. .....This easy program will make you a pro at scripting in less time than you will believe. You will be generating your own scripts in less than a half hour with no prior experience!


Agents are "characters"! an Agent can be a full blown 3d creation, or an Agent can be a photograph(s) of any person, pet or object!

If you require assistance, please feel free to e-mail Majik Imaje. We will be glad to assist in any manner possible!



If you see this message in browser instead of buttons, then Java is disabled.

Our Inupiat Eskimo 3D agent will be here ... shortly! we are in the process of designing and animating and programing him for your enjoyment and download!

(coming soon)