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Sir Issac Newton:  Is perhaps one of  the most famous scientists &  mathematicians that ever lived.  His accomplishments are too numerous to mention here in detail. But perhaps  the most adventurous of all his discoveries was in his quest to discover the “original words God used @ creation”.  How could it be possible for any one to conceive an idea such as this?? Surely this must be an impossible task; and to document it is even more absurd.  Sir Issac Newton had a gifted “mind”  that was far  beyond; more advanced, than what most people are capable of understanding.  His ablilities were  far beyond anything you are able  to comprehend.

AreGet A Copy you curious?  I was; Indeed the  Temple  in the Center of Time is one of the most exciting detective novels you will ever read. How is it possible that anyone could ever hope to find the original words God used? Well I must admit: that is just the tip of what he discovered.   

Listen to Newton in his own words:



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