The Word – Ho Logos Intelligent Design in God's Word


The Bible is a fairy  tale written by a bunch or ignorant superstitious people with no education! Lets assume that is true; If it were true there would exist a “fingerprint” of sorts by the author(s).  However it might surprise you:   The evidence has been found – The finger print – The Signature is present all through this book of a very skilled intricate woven design of incredible brillance.  Mathematics doesn’t contradict  itself –  1+1 still equals 2. Further investigation will reveal much more complicated advanced math that is beyond coincidence using Pi & Log e.  As well as simple addition and multiplication and division.

Hi there! I’m a “student” of the Holy Word of God called the Bible. I’ve been studying this unique book for over 6 decades. Although as much as I have read this book one thing I am certain of;  This book is not of this world.  It was written outside of our time realm.

The SOLE purpose of this  site is to give you solid proven facts of the incredible intelligent design all woven through the bible. PROOF  that this book was not written by mere men.  God is an expert at using people, after all He is the creator of all flesh.  It would only stand to reason logically that He knows how  to influence them for HIS purpose.

The simple truth is:

Dead People do not rise from the Grave.

Dead languages do not resurrect themselves back into existence,

Dead Nations do not return to their birthplace.

Come along for a journey that is bound  to intrigue  you;  A voyage into a different world –  A world of “simple words” that have profound implications. No other book ever written has such an intricate & skillful design.

God actually provides proof of who He is;

 In Deuteronomy chapter 4 –  God says  these words:
I am the Lord God and beside me there is none other; I will   take a Nation (Israel) out of a Nation (Egypt); with signs and wonders I will show; I am the Lord and there is no other.


The book of Proverbs;

Chapter 2:3  Search the scriptures as for hidden treasure.

Chapter 25:2  It is the Glory of God to conceal a thing;

God invented  Languages;  i.e.  Hebrew.     He (God) Brew (Recipe).   Yes !  God used  40 different people (authors) and hatched a plan to reveal to the world (through the simple written word) His plan for all of mankind.


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