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deoxyribonucleic acidDeoxyribonucleic acid – Proven Scientific Origin of Life..  Francis Crick – The Father of DNA… A  well known world famous Nobel Prize winning  scientist. Had these words  to say.  Directed panspermia – ( I gotta admit, when I first read this; my thoughts were:  “This must be some kind of sick joke”!  Surely no one in their “right mind” could possibly believe something this far out.  In fact this theory is so far out there; it originates in a different universe or galaxy from far far away in some unknown place, (in time).  Life as we know it could not possibly have happened here on earth; It was much too complicated for that process.  But thanks to some distanced life forms light years away; Replica DNA were loaded aboard spacecraft and  they just happened to find Earth and the process became completed.  Some people think that Noah’s Ark is just a fairy tale or an analogy of sorts; The Fact is: We have more proof of that event than we do of the absurd untested unproven  theory or hypothesis of “Directed Panspermia”.   I really wonder what other “Scientists” think of this Replicator DNA.  The best place  to find out information is research.  No!  I don’t mean click twice on google.  What do  the vast majority of scientists believe and why??

Perhaps the most brilliant scientist of our time;  Stephen Hawking is delightful to listen to;  His  M-theory is a splendid example to use to illustrate the concept I am going to embrace through the different subject matters posted on this blog.  Stephen uses conjecture, assumptions, presumptions, without a shred of any evidence and the crowd is drooling over his every word.

“M-theory posits that multiple universes are created out of nothing, Hawking explained, with many possible histories and many possible states of existence. In only a few of these states would life be possible, and in fewer still could something like humanity exist. Hawking mentioned that he felt fortunate to be living in this state of existence.”

This is also known as the “multiverse” theory. It is, essentially, the God-deniers last best attempt to explain away a universe that exhibits smoking gun evidence of intelligent design and fine-tuning clearly intended to support life. The multiverse theory – to the extent it can be called a theory (there’s exactly zero evidence to support it) – conjectures that our universe is merely one universe among an infinite number of invisible, parallel universes. It just so happens that we live in that one spontaneously self-created universe wherein, against astronomical odds (quite literally) – everything fell right in to place.

Poof – here we are.  Now lets look at some simple words – something  tangible – something we can see.  At first glance; it just appears to be “A simple sentence”.    Nothing could be further from the truth.  First lets look at a few things about this simple sentence and see what “information” it holds.

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.  There it is.  You have already passed the information.  What did you see? What did you glean ? The main question is what did you NOT notice;  You read that sentence so fast you missed all the “clues”.  (Search the scriptures as for hidden treasures; It is the Glory of God to conceal a thing).  What is hidden? (in plain sight)?  Lets look:  In Hebrew!   We still have original copies that are exact. Remember God told Moses to remember every letter.  He didn’t tell him to remember sentences or words, Remember every letter (If just one letter is missing) NOTHING WILL WORK throughout the ENTIRE BIBLE!  We shall Prove beyond any conceivable doubt – the skillful incredible intricate design woven all through the bible – We are just on Verse ONE!~


You do not have to have any prior knowledge of Hebrew  to understand what I’m about to  reveal to you.  Hebrew is an exacting language (gematria) All letters have numbers assigned  to them.   Greek is even more precise than Hebrew; But for now we shall stick to the original language used by Moses as dictated by God – letter by letter.

GEN (1)


Notice the text:  God created everything.  We now know – He worked 6 days and rested on the 7th.  God’s blueprint for the work week is defined. We also know that all  through the bible – 7 is the number of ‘completion”.  Lets see how the Lord uses 7 in this first verse of the bible. Is it possible there is some connection to 7’s or multiples of 7?  This should prove interesting – !

Number of words in the verse  =  Seven

Number of letters in the verse  –  28 = 4 x 7

First three words  –  14 letters = 7 x 2

Last four words   –    14 letters = 7 x 2

Even the sums of the words are provocative.

The numeric value of the first, middle and last letters –  133 = 19 x 7

The numeric values of  the first and last letters of all seven words – 1393 = 199 x 7

Not impressed ?  Lets do some “simple math”  to four exacting decimal points!  Please state the numerical value of Pi  to four decimal places! = 3.1416


One question science can’t answer –  Who put all of the complex information inside of DNA ?  How is it possible that an alphabet is encoded?  How is it possible that one strand of DNA (1 meter long) contains enough information to fill all 30 volumes of encyclopedia Britannica  3 – 5 times over !!!  WHO or WHAT put all of that exacting information in there in the first place ??

A true scientist will make an attempt to correctly interpret the data.  (INFORMATION). According to Nova & associates; This video proves and illustrates how it all began!   Yes it does. Let me point out their ERRORS in making this video (to explain evolution).  This video is PERFECT ILLUSTRATION of what is really going on – Even though the “cook” had all of the ingredients (where did they come from?). He was unsuccessful in all of his attempts to create the dish properly.  He didn’t have  the correct “recipe”!  WITHOUT THE CHEF & HIS “RECIPE”   nothing could have or ever would have happened.

God has the recipe it is called   Hebrew   HE (GOD)  “brewed” (RECIPE)  –   He is  the “CHEF”!!    HE ALONE SUPPLIED ALL OF THE INGREDIENTS! HE ALONE KNOWS THE EXACT RECIPE!  Let me ask a simple question:  Science has made incredible leaps and bounds in technology and medicine and many other areas  that positively affect our way of life.  But even with the most sophisticated equipment and knowledge –  No one has ever been able to create blood!   God says:   The life of the soul is in the blood!  I don’t care how many eons or zillions of years you wait  ………BLOOD… is not going to create itself!!  Science has already proven that!  They still are unable to even come close – it is too complicated and beyond any human’s reach!



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