The Word – Ho Logos Intelligent Design in God's Word


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Part one of a four part series on “hidden” messages in the bible. It is the Glory of God to conceal a thing.. (proverbs 25:2). Part two of a four part series –¬† ENJOY!! Part Three Part Four    

Dragons or Dinosaurs

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This film discusses the existence of dragons and dinosaurs. It discusses how folk lore shared various similarities across the globe, and how more importantly that the word dinosaur did not even come about until the mid 1800s. Therefore every description prior to this would have used dragon. They showed many different types and how like […]

Athiest vs. Christian

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The argument: NOTHING created EVERYTHING! Only the “fool” says in his heart (using his mouth) There is no God! Psalm 14 & Psalm 53 The first verse of each Psalm is identical! Richard Dawkins – John MacArthur (Author of One Perfect Life) & Doctor Chuck Missler for a moving 7 hour presentation of the EVIDENCE(s).