The Word – Ho Logos Intelligent Design in God's Word


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Part one of a four part series on “hidden” messages in the bible. It is the Glory of God to conceal a thing.. (proverbs 25:2). Part two of a four part series –  ENJOY!! Part Three Part Four    

Athiest vs. Christian

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The argument: NOTHING created EVERYTHING! Only the “fool” says in his heart (using his mouth) There is no God! Psalm 14 & Psalm 53 The first verse of each Psalm is identical! Richard Dawkins – John MacArthur (Author of One Perfect Life) & Doctor Chuck Missler for a moving 7 hour presentation of the EVIDENCE(s).

Myths of Science

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Doctor Chuck Missler is an expert at extracting INFORMATION. That is his area of expertise – “Information Scientist” or Specialist. Dr. Missler is wonderful to listen to as he explains things in an easy manner to understand and comprehend.

Hello – Wayward Wanderer !

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Ho Logos  –  The “code” Word for Jesus Yesuha. The incredible Intelligent Design of the Bible is unique, overwhelming and unparalleled by any other book in the world. Science insists – this world and all of creation was just an unplanned “accident”. This was the result of  13.8 billions of years of something bumping into something OR; […]