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Dragons or Dinosaurs

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This film discusses the existence of dragons and dinosaurs. It discusses how folk lore shared various similarities across the globe, and how more importantly that the word dinosaur did not even come about until the mid 1800s. Therefore every description prior to this would have used dragon. They showed many different types and how like with much other folk lore once mixed together you get the flying fire breathing reptile looking creatures. They also use a lot of scripture to show how history lines up with the bible. bottom line is if you want to know more about dinosaurs this is the dvd to check out! Book & DVD – I just have to add this to my collection. All ancient cultures depict detailed drawings of fire breathing dragons; Could this be true?


Sadly; evolutionary science is currently floating on quicksand; soon to go down as mere myth & fables (made by men).  It is now proven fact: Mankind lived among these creatures;   – (The word “dinosaur” wasn’t invented until 1841 by Sir Richard Owen of the British Museum after examining some bones that appeared to come from a reptilian ancestor. He coined the term from Greek words meaning “terrible lizard.” ).  I wonder? What made him determine that these “beasts” were “terrible”?  Did he watch Jurassic Park? Presumption is not “science”. Facts or Data must be analyzed FIRST! –  FACT: ALL cultures world wide; have drawings – very detailed drawings and carvings of  “dragons”. But what is even more incredible are the  carvings of people riding  these beasts and using them for heavy labor in pulling very large or heavy objects.  IN OTHER WORDS: Fred Flintstone is a much more accurate representation of how man and beast lived together in harmony!  Science is wrong! – The Jurrasic era is FALSE – Dinosaurs did not live 265 million years ago and suddenly went extinct 65 millions of years ago – FALSE PROPAGANDA – PHONY HYPOTHESIS / THEORIES !  All animals were created on day 5 just as it is recorded in Genesis chapter one. Man was to have dominion over “all” animals.  That does not mean we have to act like  them. DRAGONS is  the one word used all throughout the bible! Job chapter 40 lists 2 more words; Leviathan & Behemoth.

The latest findings published in Smithsonian Magazines are going forward from the incredible Hell Creek find in Montana (2006) that has shattered evolutionary concept.  Similar findings from other fossil dinosaur bones that contain “soft tissue” have been discovered in Australia, South America and more discoveries in Hell Creek in Montana of two other extinct species of dinosaurs –   -.  The time has come to shut the door on so called scientists  that refuse to interpret the data correctly;  Jack Horner – the worlds most famous paleontologist (was used as a consultant on Jurassic Park movie). When Dr. Mary Schwietzer (an evolutionary paleontologist) published her paper on the soft tissue findings of a T-rex.  Jack Horner was furious when she found blood cells – Now you must prove those are not real blood cells he said to her.  He flat out refused to allow her to use the equipment to date these bones using carbon 14.

Fact or Fiction

What do you think?

What is Jack so afraid of ?   Is this science?  No! We have a stubborn little boy saying .. .. “Its my ball & you can’t play.” Fortunately; Many creation scientists are now getting the very expensive equipment they need through private funding for the REAL TRUTH to be told in a simple manner.  Carbon 14  testing has taken place in 2009 and more recently.  The maximum age for these bones is 30,000 years – !!!!!!!!  This is shocking news devastating to the unified scientific community  that is “fused”  to propagate evolution non-sense.  The incredible (non-proof) of dinosaurs existing 265 million years ago is – absurd!   False names – fake dates – all contrived by a “roll of the dice” so to speak.

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Athiest vs. Christian

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The argument: NOTHING created EVERYTHING! Only the “fool” says in his heart (using his mouth) There is no God!
Psalm 14 & Psalm 53 The first verse of each Psalm is identical!

Richard Dawkins – John MacArthur (Author of One Perfect Life) & Doctor Chuck Missler for a moving 7 hour presentation of the EVIDENCE(s).

Myths of Science

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Doctor Chuck Missler is an expert at extracting INFORMATION. That is his area of expertise – “Information Scientist” or Specialist.

Dr. Missler is wonderful to listen to as he explains things in an easy manner to understand and comprehend.