The Word – Ho Logos Intelligent Design in God's Word

Hello – Wayward Wanderer !

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Ho Logos  –  The “code” Word for Jesus Yesuha.

The incredible Intelligent Design of the Bible is unique, overwhelming and unparalleled by any other book in the world.

Science insists – this world and all of creation was just an unplanned “accident”. This was the result of  13.8 billions of years of something bumping into something OR; Nothing; (exploded) and the Big Bang was  the cause of all of Creation & the Universe!  It all depends on who is telling the story of evolution;  Each individual, has a different explanation of what “two different gods” created. Science mentions the name of these two gods continually all through their untested unproven hypothesis or theory(s).  Be it an Atheist or Agnostic or Scientist  they all use the “gods” to prove their theory. Science even uses a male and a female (god) to prove their hypothesis.

Lies, more lies, and damned lies.

Greatest Hoax in all of History!

Although they purposely keep the genders and names separated; they are only referred to by their last names. Father Time & Mother Nature –  “they did it all” by accident with no purpose in mind.

The Bible however does have a purpose. God has a distinct purpose for His Word; He has a distinct purpose for Mankind. He spelled it all out in incredible exacting detail.   Lets look at the incredible odds here.   God choose 40 different authors ( who never met each other)  to write over a period of  1,600 years; Discussing every single controversial subject “under the sun”.  They each wrote books that blend together seamlessly; all depicting Jesus Chirst – directly or indirectly – by “type” or by parallel as the main point of focus in each and every book.  That is  Mathematically IMPOSSIBLE –  !  Do you want proof?? That is easy to provide – Today we can’t get 3 news channels to report the same event factually; OPINIONS are all that matter in today’s society.  The truth is not important !!

Forty different authors who never collaborated on any of the themes; topics; prophecy; doctrines; Yet they were all in complete agreement and complimented each other – BEFORE the fact(s).  It just happened ??  No that is not natural. The methods used  by God to put this book together are “super” natural for sure for sure.   The more you know about Science – the easier it is  to read & understand the book of Genesis.

In Six Days is a truly marvelous book that is easy  to understand and comprehend – written in simple terms by 50  Scientists  from all over the world.  They are in perfect agreement – they each tell the same exact story and they each use their Phd’s of Experience using proof positive:  This Earth was created in six 24 hour days.

The  truth is out there!

Find out the “scientific” reasons why evolution is impossible.

This book will  truly open your eyes and take you on a fantastic journey.  Biology, Geology, Botany, Astrology, Physical Chemistry, Biochemistry, Zoology, Meteorology, Medical Research, Orthodontics, Engineering, Geography, Architectural Engineering, Hydrometallurgy, Meteorology, Forest Research, Chemistry, Physics, Information Science, Agricultural Science. All  50 of these scientists are in complete agreement – some of them were atheists until  they learned  the skills of the field of their respective studies.

QUESTIONS TO PONDER: Why?? does mtDNA all point back  to just one woman?  7,000 years ago?? Science in all of its (god like widsom) still can’t even begin to create something called  blood.  Blood is comprised of living tissue. Science can’t create living cells – Only God can..Leviticus 17:11  For the life of the flesh is in the blood !



Genealogy of Matthew

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The Genealogy of Matthew’s Gospel contains some very interesting peculiar properties. It is not possible that man devised this intricate pattern; Each of the books in the new testament exhibits this same  repetitions of sevens.

The first eleven verses of Matthew:

1 The number of words which are nouns is exactly 56, or 7 x 8.
2 The Greek word “the” occurs most frequently in the passage: exactly 56 times, or 7 x 8.
3 Also, the number of different forms in which the article “the” occurs is exactly 7.
4 There are two main sections in the passage: verse 1-11 and 12-17. In the first main section, the number of Greek vocabulary words used is 49, or 7 x 7.
5 Of these 49 words, The number of those beginning with a vowel is 28, or 7 x 4.
6 The number of words beginning with a consonant is 21, or 7 x 3.
7 The total number of letters in these 49 words is exactly 266, or 7 x 38-exactly.
8 The numbers of vowels among these 266 letters is 140, or 7 x 20.
9 The number of consonants is 126, or 7 x 18-exactly.
10 Of these 49 words, the number of words which occur more than once is 35, or 7 x 5.
11 The number of words occurring only once is 14, or 7 x2.
12 The number of words which occur in only one form is exactly 42, or 7 x 6.
13 The number of words appearing in more than one form is also 7.
14 The number of 49 Greek vocabulary words which are nouns is 42, or 7 x 6.
15 The number of words which are not nouns is 7.
16 Of the nouns, 35 are proper names, or 7 x 5.
17 These 35 nouns are used 63 times, or 7 x 9.
18 The number of male names is 28, or 7 x 4.
19 These male names occur 56 times or 7 x 8.
20 The number which are not male names is 7.
21 Three women are mentioned-Tamar, Rahab, and Ruth. The number of Greek letters in these three names is 14, or 7 x 2.
22 The number of compound nouns is 7.
23 The number of Greek letters in these 7 nouns is 49, or 7 x 7.
24 Only one city is named in this passage, Babylon, which in Greek contains exactly 7 letters.
And on and on it goes.

1 The Number of words must be divisible by 7 evenly. (In each of these constraints, it is assumed that the divisions are without remainders.)
2 The number of letters must also be divisible by 7.
3 The number of vowels and the number of consonants must be divisible by 7.
4 The number of words that begin with a vowel must be divisible by 7.
5 The number of words that begin with a consonant must be divisible by 7.
6 The number of words that occur more than once must be divisible by 7.
7 The number of words that occur in more than one form must be divisible by 7.
8 The number of words that occur in only one form shall be divisible by 7.
9 The number of nouns shall be divisible by 7.
10 Only 7 words shall not be nouns.
11 The number of names in the genealogy shall be divisible by 7.
12 Only 7 other kinds of nouns are permitted.
13 The number of male names shall be divisible by 7.


There are words in the passage just described that occur nowhere else in the New Testament. They occur 42 times (7 x 6) and have 126 letters (7 x 18). How was this organized?

Even if Matthew contrived this characteristic into his Gospel, how could he have known that these specific words-whose sole characteristic is that they are found nowhere else in the New Testament-were not going to be used by the other writers? Unless we assume the absurd hypothesis that he had an agreement with them, he must have had the rest of the New Testament before him when he wrote his book. The Gospel of Matthew, then, must have been written last.

It so happens the Gospel of Mark exhibits the same phenomenon. It can be demonstrated that it would have had to be written “last.” The same phenomenon is found in Luke, John, Peter, Jude, and Paul. Each would have had to writeafter the other in order to contrive the vocabulary frequencies! You can demonstrate that each of the New Testament books had to have been “written last.”

There is no human explanation for this incredible and precise structure. It has all been supernaturally designed. We simply gasp, sit back, and behold the skillful handiwork of the God who keeps his promises.

By the way, the crucifixion of Jesus took place at Golgotha, elevation = 777 meters above sea level. What a coincidence.

14 The number of generations shall be 21, also divisible by 7.

Science confirms St. Peter

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Located within Vatican City, St. Peter’s Basilica stands where a church in some form has stood for over 1,500 years. Below is the tomb of St. Peter — one of the original apostles who walked with Jesus. This is not legend. It is history. Even secular historians agree that a man named Peter walked with Jesus of Nazareth. An archeological dig completed just 60 years ago confirmed that a man who lived in the first century AD and died at 60-70 years of age is entombed there. His clothing confirms he was a Bishop — and therefore first in the line of papal succession.

Peter. If it is not Peter, it is a coincidence beyond comprehension.

Until this dig, everyone assumed the Tomb of St. Peter (which we are visiting tomorrow) was merely a symbolic place. Modern archaeology proved otherwise. During the tour, this was a common refrain from our guide: that modern science has turned what had been written off as Biblical legend into fact. Think about that … think about the fact that science is proving, not disproving, my Catholic and Christian faith. This is happening in the Middle East, as well.

I may live long enough to inform Bill Maher that his evangelical atheism is anti-science.

Joking aside, a hundred years ago it would have been much harder for me to embrace Christianity as a faith. The last hundred-or-so years of secular history, science, and archaeology that backs up much of the Old and even more of the New Testament (especially the Gospels) will astonish anyone interested in looking.



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The ancient art of assigning numbers to letters of the (Hebrew) aleph-beth – Latin – Greek & Roman alphabets.

As we are all aware – we have used Roman Numerals for designating ‘years” & for “time” on clocks & watches

I – V -X – L – C – D – M are the only 7 letters of the Roman alphabet used.

1 – 5 – 10 – 50 – 100 – 500 – 1000

The first 6 numbers add up to – 666 – the number of the beast – satan – the number of a man Revelation 13: 18 (6+6+6) how appropriate!

For instance Satan has 10 names and all of them add up to exact multiples of 13 !

What are the odds?? Of a person having ten different names and all of them add up to exact multiples of 13

The odds are 1 in 137,858,491,849 = 13x13x13x13x13x13x13x13x13x13 = 137,858,491,849

one in 137 billion – that is the same as plucking one second out of 4,370 years 

This gigantic number is larger than all the years of seconds since Abraham’s birth!!

Everything about God adds up to 777

Jesus Christ 888

The cross 777

It is common knowledge that the bible is infested – permeated – plastered with the number 7

what most people do not know is that the bible is also loaded with “perfect triangle” numbers.

Perfect Triangle numbers are rare – In fact if you wrote the numbers 1 – 2 billion. The results would yield less than 2000 perfect triangle numbers.

1, 3,6,10,15,21, are some examples of perfect triangle numbers.